JHSW 2017, 7(1): 23-32
Determination and weighting the effective criteria in selecting a heat stress index using the Delphi echnique and fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP)
Author(s): Mahdi Asghari , Parvin Nassiri , Mohammad Reza Monazzam , Farideh Golbabaei , Hossein Arabalibeik , Ali Akbar Shamsipour


Introduction: To evaluate heat stress in the workplace different indices are used. But, none of these measures have been widely accepted. The aim of this study was to determine effective criteria in selecting a heat stress index and weighting of these criteria.
Material and Method: This study is a qualitative study that was designed and conducted within 10 stages. In the current study, effective criteria for choosing a heat stress index was determined by using Delphi technique and expert's opinions (30 people), and then the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process was used for weighting and prioritization of these criteria.
Results: Analyzing the completed questionnaires by the experts and according to the percentage of respondents, 11  criteria were finally selected. "Simplicity" criteria by %76.6 had the highest percentage of response. But, the relative weight of this criteria was 0.041, and had the lowest weight after the "low cost" criteria. The criteria relating to the "Standard" item was 0.141as the highest
relative weight.

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